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From the control system to the building management systems

The weekly "Computerworld", # 08, 2005 / / 
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Alexei Černobrovcev

01/03/2005 Computerworld, # 08/2005

Automating the management of engineering systems, which are installed at construction sites, has attracted the attention of a growing number of companies specializing in the construction business, systems integration and process control. The most commonly used solutions covering a separate subsystem. The number of complex projects, which leads to the creation of intelligent buildings, are still relatively low.

According to data released during the Moscow International Forum Hi-Tech House, 2004, the cost of increased intelligence buildings were in this country in 2004, at least $ 300 million share of office buildings and retail space in this market reaches about 80%. At the same time, the untapped potential in the field of housing construction is estimated at $ 750 million Up to 90% of investments in the intellectualization of the buildings are in Moscow, the rest is spread between St. Petersburg and other major cities. In 80% of solutions for the creation of building management systems using specialized hardware and software vendors such as Andover Controls, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Siemens SBT, and a number of other workers in the field companies.


A possible alternative

Leonid Ligun, CEO of "Rishon", specializing in automation technology and business processes, as well as on the tasks of monitoring and dispatching, convinced that because of the specificity of the domestic market of building automation in some cases price for customers is critical automation systems used in construction projects .

"These costs are relatively low: according to various estimates, they do not exceed 10% of the total cost of the construction of the building. As a rule, they do not have problems, of course, if they are taken into account in the early stages of design and cost estimate for objects. However, investors often look back on automation only when construction is completed when funding issues are very sharp, "- says Ligun.

Among RISHON decided when drafting a more affordable products. To create a complex monitoring and dispatching has been selected SCADA-system Trace Mode and PC-compatible hardware platform designed for distributed systems management control system.

The flexibility of a PC-compatible solutions allows you to create optimal for a wide range of application configuration. Using these solutions significantly simplifies and speeds the design and also reduces the maintenance costs. Furthermore, it is possible to apply in one complex hardware from different manufacturers.

When targeting Trace Mode taken into account the scalability of the system, its use of built-in database and programming PC-compatible controllers, support for GSM and Web, the ability to integrate with the equipment of different manufacturers of automation systems, the availability of the full specification of interfaces for writing drivers interact with non-standard devices.

Residential complex "Vorontsov"

The described approach is reflected in the draft automated dispatch control system located in the south-west of the capital of multifunctional residential complex "Vorontsov" with total area of ​​120 thousand square meters, which includes a section of 24 and 32 floors. In this complex are residential and office space, town houses, garages and sports and recreation facilities.


Construction is carried out by "Promstroy-Monolith", one of the units which should be handled by further operation. In this regard, the customer raised the issue of minimizing operating costs and use of this IT solution.

It was proposed to establish a system for monitoring key parameters and the status of all engineering equipment, providing a representation of the information in a convenient form for controllers. In addition, it was supposed to automate payments to tenants and lessees, for the consumption of heat, cold and hot water.

Dispatch System

Established dispatch system serves more than 2.5 million points of I / O by providing a central collection and processing of data. The information comes from more than ten groups of engineering devices. Some of the data generated fire station, which provides, inter alia, information on the location of the fire. Along with monitoring the condition of the equipment provided for the automated control of lighting in the hallways and stairwells, as well as the buildings located on the perimeter of the flashing lights. Workstation Manager software is developed on the basis of Trace Mode 5. In carrying out the acceptance, processing and archiving parameters of engineering systems, complex scheduling informs the operator to reject the values ​​of the calculated values. Condition of the building is shown in the graphic, allowing detail information about individual devices. The public address system provides the ability to efficiently direct the dispatcher responsible for building maintenance personnel to service the engineering objects. Experience in teaching managers showed that working with engineering ARMom requires no special computer training.


The peculiarities of engineering infrastructure of the complex "Vorontsov" is located in the presence of each apartment counters the heat, cold and hot water. Payments for the use of these resources, which are made directly with the operating organization of the building, supported by the software ARM custody.

On the workstation receives information about the indications of individual and serving all buildings counters. As the cost of coolant is the most critical parameter that measures have been taken to allow for the measurement of its flow even in cases of power outages.

Installed backup power system for the use of heat meters accounting and dispatching system components involved in the registration of their testimony. To create expense reports of all kinds of resources by individual users and groups, as well as for the formation of payments developed an application based on the input to the Trace Mode documentation server. The software metering ARM also includes the registry of residents and integration modules with software system "1C: Accounting".

With the implementation of the requirements specification could do without the use of processor components of ICP DAS, as all the basic functions of the modules are executed analogue and digital input and output, and relay modules and algorithms of data collection and processing are implemented in Armagh. Equipment dispatch system housed in 80 cabinets, the relationship between them and workstations workstations performed on serial links using RS-485 protocol.

Commissioning of the first phase of the dispatching system is scheduled for the end of February. According Ligun, the system increases the efficiency of the operation of the service, in addition, it provided information is used to prevent accidents, which helps to reduce costs and reduce the amount of repair work. Even at the time of acceptance tests failed to reveal full-pressure sensor malfunction in one of the circuits hot water heating unit, which could lead to failure of its equipment.

The second phase of creating dispatch system will begin after the completion of the health and fitness center, swimming pool and garages. Carrying out earlier in the joint work with the designers of these objects and suppliers of engineering equipment will improve the efficiency of interaction with the control systems engineering complex and to avoid unnecessary costs in the development of methods and tools for data collection.

In the "Rishon" emphasize that the use of PC-compatible hardware is not a panacea for solving all problems arising in the construction of intelligent building management systems. However, the company is believed that this class of devices designed to operate in an industrial setting, may compete with the equipment traditionally employed in the field producers.

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