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About Company




About Company

RISHON - is a system integrator in the field of automating buildings and structures. Since 2001, the company has worked in the domestic market of programming solutions and information technologies. Since then, it has gotten through solving local tasks to automate separate business and engineering processes to developing and implementing full scale automation projects

Our business fields:

Our projects:


Trade and Technical Center “Capital Star”, ROLF Group Companies, total area of 7500 s.m.;



The multifunctional residential complex Vorontsovo (120,000 square meters) - a complex system for dispatching the building;



The business center Paveletskaya Tower: a station to monitor life support systems of individual spaces;



The sports-and-entertaining complex SportLand (Metelitsa): development and implementation of a solution to automatically process slipways;



The First Czech-Russian Bank: specialized software development;



Pharmacy at TC "SPAR", Mytischi – design and mounting of the Structured Cable Network (SCN) for 6 workplaces, supply of computer, trade and network equipment;



The Representation Office of the Rostov Regional Administration at the RF Government (more 1,000 square meters): design and installation of the Structured Cable Network (SCN);



An office space at the residential complex Vorontsovo: designing of and equipping by security alarm systems, a structured cable network, an access control system, and a door video phone;



The Moscow representation office of the Plant Pozhteknika, the city of Torzhok: delivery, installation and customization of 1C software. Accounting automation;


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Our distinguishing feature:

A complex approach at moderate prices and a high quality of performance. Open technologies based solutions used by us are aimed at further stage-by-stage development and expansion of automation complexes in the course of their exploitation.

Relying on its own resources, the company RISHON performs a full business cycle of building automation and dispatch systems of any complexity, starting with formulating an engineering problem and developing a TZ (Requirements Specification) and finishing with putting a system in operation, with providing further warranty and maintenance services.

RISHON - is a close-knit team of highly qualified specialists that has a large working experience in the field of industrial automation and IT solutions.

We are ready to show you a quality, functional and modern automation solution!


RISHON Projection-2

License No. ГС-1-99-02-26-0-7728242047-013495-1- for designing buildings and structures of I and II responsibility levels in accordance with the state standard;


RISHON Construction-2

License No. ГС-1-99-02-27-0-7728242047-013496-1- for designing buildings and structures of I and II responsibility levels in accordance with the state standard.