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The magazine "Formula construction" № 2 (47) February 2005 
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Typically, the cost of solutions, called "Smart House", the sum is calculated in U.S. dollars with six zeros. As a result, many professionals construction companies rightly call into question the validity of such decisions. This is understandable, their professional qualifications can not make a choice in favor of solutions with questionable quality / price ratio. On the other hand, automation and control systems are widely used in various industries, providing similar functionality, while maintaining quite comparable to the cost of making.


Today, the cost of construction of buildings with monolithic frame in Moscow on average $ 600-650 per square meter., The cost of block construction - $ 500-550. High-rise building, usually more prestigious and much more expensive for the end customer. The cost of automation for these facilities is $ 5-25 per square meter. meter depending upon the functionality of the automation system and the depth. It can be seen that the cost of building automation systems (BACS) is only 1-2% of the total construction costs of the building. There is an interesting correlation: 1-2% of investment control and ensure the reliable operation of more than 40% of the funds invested in the building. With the seemingly insignificant value, SAZ their owners provide quite tangible economic benefits: increased equipment reliability by eliminating the so-called "human factor". Result: reduction of indirect costs of repair and restoration work, reducing costs to the service manual (the size of the annual economic effect could be 10-20% of the SAZ) Decrease of energy consumption - up to 70% Impairment of building insurance (in some cases, the amount provided discount covers 100% of the costs of creating SEZ), raising the status and value of the building. The building is equipped with SAZ refers to a group of more prestigious. This applies to residential, and office space. Accordingly, changes the cost per meter square. sold or surrendering the area, which gives a very definite economic impact and leads to a direct payback SAZ.

There is one more commercial aspect of automation, coupled with the energy. In large residential complexes it can be profitable and the operating and service tenants. The operating organization makes a difference in tariffs, and save the expense of tenants pay as energy consumption, rather than on settlement rates.


If you add together all the technical and economic aspects of the installation SAZ on construction sites, it becomes obvious its economic feasibility. Unfortunately, the current situation in the construction market does not always follow this logic. Pay the same for an apparent "savings" account, and subsequently by the developers and tenants. First because of lost revenue, increased operating costs and reduced interest on the part of more and more demanding customers, the latter because they get money for their own goods, to meet the modern demands of the market.

One thing is certain - the future of automation systems. It's convenient, economically and efficiently. As we know, buy a good thing is one thing, but to afford to contain it - is quite another. Here, more than ever necessary tools to optimize operating costs.

Ligun L. E. (OOO "RISHON")