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The day of an ordinary man starts with morning wake up. You get up by the certain signal of the alarm clock and go to the bathroom. It may seem to be a very short period of time when you need to be attentive and gather yourself up. You do need to stand up and switch off the alarm clock, then to find out the lighting switch. And on the way to the bathroom you need to step on the cold floor, and in the bathroom itself for a long time to adjust the temperature of water till the desired one is reached, and during these actions you need to be silent not to wake up your household members.

It is your daily routine and you neither know nor realize that everything can be much easier, and YOUR house can be - SMART.

Here’s the opinion of the automation specialist of RISHON - “everything can be much easier and more comfortable”:

  • We program the alarm clock for switching off and on, its sound signal, time period and type of signal (Voice/ Telephone/ TV-set/ Multimedia center) and you wake up when you hear the favorite melody.
  • We design and program the lighting system along the perimeter according to the scenario you used to with option to control and settings for the situation created. So, when you just enter the corridor or the hall the lighting switches on, when the door opens or then the movement sensor detects you. It switches off after a certain period of time, and at nights the lighting in the corridor or the hall is half the daily brightness.
  • We install water level and temperature sensors in the water supply system and we get the desired water temperature for bath or shower, we do not spend time on manual adjusting of water temperature and we avoid flooding of neighbors.

But what should we do with the cold floor to keep the comfort atmosphere in our house? - You ask, - As heat is an integral part of comfort.

  • In this case there are opportunities to create favorable conditions for the household. Temperature control, connection and programming of the heating system with option to set the heating mode according to weather conditions and depending on the part of the day.

Thus, you can control all this and you can get comfort for you and have a lot of free time. You feel so comfortable that you stop thinking about it.

You drink you morning coffee and you do not notice that you house sees the daybreak – the jalousie on the windows open according to the preset scenario, with first rays of the sun.

You cook the breakfast, and air purity and moisture in the flat are controlled by the ventilation and moisture sensors – automated control/ adjusting, automated choice of the suitable operating mode.

Your house is you fortress, you are protected and safe, you know that in case of fire the fire sensors will detect it and a fire fighting team will quickly arrive by the signal sent to the remote control station of the fire fighting service.

Safety and undamaged state of your house are monitored by the installed intrusion protection system which controls access to the flat and provides the high level of protection, and if necessary, the people presence imitating system will switch on.

YOUR HOUSE IS SMART as much as you want it to be, because it represents a set of devices installed with remote control and management of engineering systems, life support and security systems.

It lives its own unnoticeable life without making discomfort and much ado. And YOU have all to enjoy completely every minute of life and communication!